Kheris Rogers is the Youngest Fashion Designer to Ever Present at New York Fashion Week

Kheris Rogers, an 11-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles, has made history at New York Fashion Week as the youngest black fashion designer ever to present.

Rogers created her line after being bullied for her dark skin at school. The bullying inspired her to create the line to help boost the self-esteem of other dark skin girls.

This year’s New York Fashion Week took place on September 7-13, 2017, and featured many different shows and the collections of many different famous designers. Kheris too presented her designs at the Museum of the City of New York in East Harlem on Sunday, September 10th.

After the show, Rogers tweeted: “I just made history as #NYFW youngest fashion designer EVER! I am only 11 years old and made it while encouraging people to love their skin.”




Video: YouTube

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